Animals hobby

A hygienic preparation for cuvettes preventing disorders of animals

  • blocks bad smells coming from a cuvette
  • protects against parasite, digestive and respiratory system diseases and animal limb disorders
  • causes degradation and utilisation of animal faeces

Application outcomes:
  • no bad smell: in flats, houses and premises where animals are present
  • elimination of microbiological contamination in cuvettes by reducing the pathogenic microbes, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi in animal surroundings

Method of application: One sachet to be scattered in polluted places (in the cuvette).
It starts to work after just 4 hours from the time of application.
Use every 2 weeks.

This product is safe for humans, animals, and the environment. It undergoes biodegradation. It may be applied in the presence of humans and animals.

The package contains 4 sachets x 20g. It is sufficient for 10 weeks.

From now on, you will not smell your cat anywhere in your house!