Bio - farmer

Bio - farmer
Ecological preparations for investment structures.

This is intended to:
  • improve environmental and sanitary conditions at livestock structures (battery farming, feedlots) and other with similar nuisance (level of impurities, contamination, and infections)
  • eliminate bad smells and microbiological contaminations from livestock structures and in their surroundings
  • microbiologically process sewage and impurities in slurry and liquid manure tanks
  • improve physicochemical and sanitary-hygienic parameters of polluted tanks and water intakes, neutralise waste.

Biopreparations have been awarded with medals at national and foreign fairs.
Preparations recommended by breeders and veterinarians

Composition and action:
The biopreparation composes of a starting supplement, so-called STARTER, constituting a medium and source of energy, facilitating quick development of microorganisms, constituting the PROPER COMPOSITE. A properly selected composition of microorganisms causes:
  • degradation of harmful substances (ammonia, nitrates, phosphorus compounds, sulfane and other single- and multi-carbon organic compounds
  • stoppage in the development of pathogenic microbes
  • destruction of inspect and endoparasite eggs and strains
  • change of sewage and liquid waste pH level

Application outcomes:
  • limiting bad smells in livestock structures and their surroundings
  • decreasing the number of gathered faeces and waste
  • reducing pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungus in premises for animals, and animal faeces and waste
  • substantially limiting the number of flies and their maggots, and endoparasite strains
  • limiting the content of ammonia and sulfane, and decreasing emission of those gases into the environment
  • decreasing the amount of nitrites in litter, faeces, and soils and agricultural products fertilised with their use
  • fast and correct utilisation of slurry and mineralisation of farmyard manure
  • decreasing the humidity of livestock structure
  • limiting the number of diseases of respiratory and/or digestive system of humans and animals, as well as animal limbs disorders

Method of application:
The proportionate amount of preparation should be dissolved on the entire biodegraded surface. The preparation can be used in the presence of animals. The biopreparation should be used every 2 weeks, in the amount of 2 to 5g/ 1m2 per station. In the initial period, it is recommended to increase the dose. Duration of the preparation amounts to 2 years from the date of manufacture as indicated on the packaging.

Safe application:
When selecting the composition of the microbiological composite and starters, very strict safety criteria have been acknowledged relating to both the preparation and manufacture stage of bioporeparations, as well as their later application, and with a simultaneous assurance of the assumed, high efficiency of actions. The structure of such biopreparations, as well as selection of completely non-pathogenic microorganisms, guarantees full safety for people and the environment even in the case of their overdose; and the application itself may take place in the presence of people, animals and plants, as well as in the course of implementation of regular manufacture processes.

The following preparations are available on the market:
  • BIO-FARMER "D" - poultry battery farming
  • BIO-FARMER "T" - feedlots
  • BIO-FARMER "B" - cowsheds
  • BIO-FARMER "K" - horse Stock

Packages available:
  • 1kg
  • 5kg
This preparation is absolutely safe for humans, animals, and the environment. It undergoes biodegradation