Ecological Degreasing Preparation for Draining Sewage Systems

BIOLUX preparations are intended for draining the sewage system by removing sedimentations and fats gathered there. This has a huge significance as it ensures a relevant technical condition of sewage systems. Regular application of relevant doses helps to avoid many unexpected situations, i.e.:

  • forming of waste and grease deposits in the system
  • narrowing of pipe cross-sections and hence improper sewage system drainage,
  • damaging to the material that the pipes are made of (decay)

Principle of operation
Suitably selected bacteria cause the creation of enzymes responsible for the degradation of organic and fat substances created by households, restaurants, butcher’s establishments, etc. The internal surface of the installation is cleaned thanks to the peeling of impurities, which then are subject to biodegradation and flow to the sewage treatment plant. Thanks to these processes sewage drainage and treatment effectiveness is substantially improved.

Biopreparations have been awarded medals at national and foreign fairs.

Safe application
When selecting the composition of the microbiological composite and starters, very strict safety criteria have been acknowledged related to both the preparation and manufacturing stage of biopreparations, as well as their later application, and with a simultaneous assurance of the assumed, high efficiency of actions. The structure of such biopreparations, as well as the selection of completely non-pathogenic microorganisms, guarantees full safety for people and the environment even in the case of their overdose; and the application itself may take place in the presence of people, animals and plants, as well as in the course of implementation of regular production processes.

Effects of Biopreparation application
  • drainage of the sewage system by degradation of fats and organic compounds,
  • extended period of device operation
  • leaves a protective layer, facilitating later treatment
  • there is no need to use additional agents
  • removes bad smells
  • low cost of maintenance

The following preparations are available on the market:
  • BIOLUX - 5 kg - butcher’s
  • BIOLUX - 1 kg - restaurant
  • BIOLUX - 250 kg - home
The preparation undergoes biodegradation and is safe for people, animals and the environment.

It does not cause corrosion of devices and does not contain any pathogenic microorganisms.

It holds the attestation of the Polish Institute of Hygiene [PZH]