Blockage of bad smells

Blockage of bad smells
Ecological agent for combating burdensome smells and odours.

The biopreparation improves the sanitary and hygienic conditions in many types of structures: lavatories, portable toilets, latrines.
It eliminates bad smells and odours after only 4 hours from the time of application.
1 sachet is active up to 3 weeks!
Intended for places difficult to reach.

Application :
  • inner – directly to the lavatory and flush with water
  • directly to septic tanks, treatment plants, sewage grating, etc.
  • in livestock premises (1 sachet per 10m2)

The Biopreparate is available in sachets.
One package contains 4 x 40g.
It expires 3 years from the date of manufacture.